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The old version displayed station labels with text that was drawn using scaled lines. This meant that if you were zoomed out, the text was too small to read and if you were zoomed in, the text could be too big to read. Also, the labels only faced in one direction, so you couldn't read them from the side and would be backwards if you looked at them from behind. The new labels are a fixed size, no matter how much you are zoomed in or zoomed out. Likewise, they always face toward the front, so they can be read from any angle.

Finally, in the old version, station marks consisted of a small cube or tetrahedron, which was very small when you zoomed out and got progressively larger when you zoomed in. In the new version, station labels stay the same size whether you are zoomed in or out. They also face the same direction. New Compass Features Editor Although the Compass Editor has always allowed you to set the order of the shot measurements, the fore and back compass and inclination measurements were always grouped together.

The new version of the editor allows complete freedom to put the measurements in any order you want. The Viewer now has the ability to high light shots that have been excluded from loop closure. All shots that were excluded will then be highlighted. It also has the option of highlighting shots that have been excluded from the length totals.

These options are useful when you are trying solve loop closure problems, find errors and looking at an overview of how the survey data is organized. Update - Patterned Lines.

Popular Cave Survey Software, Survex, Updated

The Viewer now has the ability to draw plot lines using combinations of dotted and dashed lines. This makes it easier to distinguish different parts of the cave, particularly when the cave is printed using black and white colors. There is a standard set of dotted and dashed lines. Custom Patterns. In addition to the standard line patterns, you also create custom patterns.

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The patterns created by specifying widths of the lines and spaces that make up the pattern. You can enter up to 16 widths to form complicated patterns of dots and dashes. There have 10 other improvements and bug fixes to Compass in the last year. Click here for a complete revision history Update - General Improvements. Survey Manipulation Tool.

Survex – open source cave-surveying software package

The Survey Manipulating tool has several improvements. You can now drag and drop multiple surveys at once. If you have multiple surveys highlighted all the highlighted surveys will be moved. You can now delete multiple surveys at once.

If you have multiple surveys highlighted all the highlighted surveys will be deleted. The program will warn you before the files will be deleted. This speed up the process of moving surveys into position. Project Manager Error Log. The "Error Log" in Project Manager is no longer on a separate page. It has been moved to the bottom of the main window. This avoids the need to switch back and forth between the two pages to compile or look at error messages. Passage Models.

The Project Manager now generates more accurate passage wall models. If the data is missing it uses the best LRUD for that station. Line Size. The Viewer now allows you to set the line size for the shot lines, features and the passage walls separately. These sizes can also be saved as defaults. Help Files. All the Compass help files have been improved by adding dozens of new screen images of the Compass programs, dialog box and screen displays. This should make it easier for people to following the instructions in the help files. Pocket Topo Imports.

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I have fixed several problems with the Pocket Topo import feature. Update - Merge File Tool The Project Manager now has a tool to make it easier to merge two or more survey files into a single survey file. You simply create a list of the files you want to combine, specify a destination file and Compass will merge the files into a single file. The files can come from any where so you can combine different directories, different drives and different devices.

You can also drag the files to the list from any Windows file folder. The files can be combined in any order.

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The input file list can contain the output file because program does not overwrite the output file until all the files have merged together. This allows you to add or concatenate new files to existing file. Update - New Installer As pointed out earlier, the Compass programs and installation packages are now digitally signed with a Windows an Authenticode Certificate from Comodo. This allows anyone to check the authenticity of Compass files to insure that they haven't been tampered with or corrupted.

The purpose was to prevent antivirus programs flagging and removing Compass files. It turned out that this was not enough to deal with all the antivirus programs. As a result, the Compass installer has been upgraded to one that is recognized by antivirus program. This has eliminated almost all downloading and installation problems.

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Click here for more detailed information on the problems and how to deal with them. Update - Import PocketTopo Files. Compass can now import PocketTopo files and convert them to the Compass data format. Compass Files Digitally Certified and Signed. Windows and Antivirus programs are now getting more and more picky about what programs they will allow to be installed on a computer. Many antivirus programs rely on the creation date of a program to determine how safe the program is. Since I frequently update Compass with new features and bug fixes, Compass programs are often just a few weeks old.

As a result, they are often flagged as suspicious. To solve this problem, all Compass executable files are digitally signed using an Authenticode Certificate from Comodo. Before I could get the certificate, I had to verify my address and business credentials. Once I had the certificate, I could sign all my executable files with a code that cannot be forged. The certificate ensures that the file came from Fountain Computer and that it hasn't been tampered with.

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As a result, Antivirus programs are less likely to flag it and Windows won't warn you about the trustworthiness of the file. There still may be some issues at first, but as the Fountain Computer digital signature makes it into more databases and develops a trustworthy reputation, the problems should fade. If you have any question about the authenticity of any Compass executable file, you can verify that the file right from Windows in a few seconds. Just right click on the file, choose the "Properties" option and select the "Digital Signatures" page.

If the Digital Signatures page does not exist, it means the file has not been signed. If the Digital Signatures page does exist, it will give you detailed information about the certificate. All the details should match Fountain Computer through Comodo. Update - Magnetic Declination Models.

The magnetic declination models have been updated to use the latest data. Compass can now calculate declinations for any date between and The new data has improved accuracy for dates between and The changes apply to the main Compass distribution package and the Dem Reader. You can down load these programs here. Hidden Shots Each shot that is entered into the Editor can be marked so it is excluded from plotting using the "P" flag.

You now have the option of displaying those hidden shots. When the "Hidden Shots" mode is enabled, the program will display and highlight the excluded shots. For example, if station labeling is enabled, station labels will be displayed along with the hidden shots. The Hidden Shot feature does not support passage modeling.

Note : You must recompile your caves with the latest version of the Compiler before the feature will be available. Old versions of plot files and older versions of Compass don't support this feature. Here is an image of Fulford Cave showing small, nearby caves disconnected from the main cave. This is because the surface surveys are hidden using the "P" plot-exclusion flag. Here is an image of Fulford Cave showing the hidden shots. The hidden shots are highlighted using a user-selectable color. It now shows two different types of loops: Standard and Optimized.

Standard Loops are the same loops used to close the cave and the same loops used by the Project Manager to calculate loop statistics and locate blunders. They have the same name and order as the loops shown in the Project Manager.

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  • You would use this option when you are trying to understand loop errors or fix blunders. Optimized Loops are calculated on the fly from the compiled data, optimizing the loops for minimum overlap and minimum size. As a result, the order and configuration of the loops may be completely different from those presented in the Project Manager.