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Your email address will not be published. I am hearing a big ben noise from my MacBook and I have closed everything on my mac but it seems to still happen, what does this mean, is my computer under a problem?? Just tried to turn my iMac on and there is a scraping noise coming from the main body of the computer and there is nothing but a white screen.

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After unplugging and trying again the scraping noise is now accompanied by a beep both of which are now coming at approx 4 second intervals with no sign of the computer starting up. I'm presuming it's terminal and considering I haven't backed it up for a few months I think I may be screwed Thank the Lord for my iPad, I may still have all my contacts etc to install when I buy a new computer I've got a weird one. I power up and the last 3 out of say 5 or 6 times the screen is just blank, black. I hear the Apple C tone but nothing.

Black screen of death

What the hell kind of cyber dope is my Imac on? Oh I should mention I have another screen hooked up to it a Vizio into that firebolt or whatever the heck it's called.

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If no one comments back it's all good just wanted to see if anyone had this I'm happy using PC. There isn't any way that I'm going to pay Apple's huge price difference just because its prettier. Followed by the false promise that it's any better than any other computer. Also, remember that it's "Apple" not "Eaten Apple" so make sure your logo is a full apple, not one of those broken ones I see everywhere.

Watch out for a grey bar that starts filling up at the bottom of the screen. It meant a corrupt hard disk for me. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Elyas AlFaraj. Osama Idris. Very useful and well written article guys! Big thanks for this one! Scott Macmillan. Adam Campbell.

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The black boxes occur on the videos even when they are pulled outside the gallery, with nothing else affecting them. Sometimes not all videos get a black cover when refreshing; rarely none will. I ran into the same problem with Safari 7. The previous comment of adding video controls does seem to address the problem, but has the potential downside of not being able to hide the controls in other browsers.

You can style the native video controls to some extent by addressing the Shadow DOM, using browser vendor specific pseudo element selectors, but these controls differ between browsers.

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If full screen video is not what you're after or if having the controls visible is a deal-breaker, it would seem there isn't a solution unless you do some browser detection — though browser sniffing is bad! Alas, it seems like this behavior may be a bug in Safari 7. Voted rjb up on diagnosing the issue.

Another way to solve it is to use setTimeout and remove the controls after a short period 40 ms :. I found that I could also not use controls and instead just alter the display property after 40 ms:.

What Comes with the Little Black Box Known as Apple TV

If you want to restore it to its original display property ours was inline-block , you could do that after 80 ms:. We now integrate with Microsoft Teams, helping you to connect your internal knowledge base with your chat. Learn more. Asked 5 years, 11 months ago.

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Active 5 years, 6 months ago. Viewed 4k times. Palyvoda Dec 10 '13 at Thanks for the suggestions. I attempted autoplay, as well enabling the preload option.