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What Can You Do With a Power Mac G4 in 2018??

Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: From the computer description at the bottom of your message I'd say you could upgrade RAM, hard drive, and CD drive, especially if you want to do any video work. There are other brands out there but I believe and others will hastily correct me if I am wrong that the D will boot your OS CD should your computer have problems whereas other drives may not boot correctly but would be OK once you have your computer booted from a hard drive. Hard drives are always pretty affordable.

I consider them to be durable goods because even if you get an internal drive you can later get an enclosure and use it as an external drive when you get a different computer. I'm not sure what kind your computer can take but at least GB, and again you'll need it if you start thinking video. Speaking of hard drives, an identical size external drive is always good to have for making backups.

Depending upon how you go, all the above upgrades together might set you back a bit over a hundred dollars. If you are still unsure you can contact us on or by email for confirmation. If you want to upgrade but aren't happy to install the upgrades yourself then we can help.


PowerMac G4 Quicksilver Upgrades

Simply ask our engineers for further details. The PowerMac G4 Quicksilver has three memory sockets. The machines can accept up to 1. Any fitting information below is intended as a guide before purchase ONLY, when fitting these products you should refer to the original manual for your computer, and any instructions that come with the item. Please see this page for more information, or here for information on our fitting service. Open the side of the case, with the machine turned off, and place the RAM into a socket.

The RAM is designed so that it cannot go in the wrong way around. If you are unsure please call or email our team. Any replacement internal 5. Burning can still be accomplished by third party software such as Roxio's Toast. Look for the footnotes on any internal drive listed below, to see if there are any issues as described above.

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Remove the original CD drive, and check the replacement's jumpers are set to master, then fit it in place of the original. If you are unsure, please call or email our team. See the expansion cards section at the end of this page for details on available cards. If you don't want to fit a new hard drive yourself, you can take advantage of the MacUpgrades Installation Service. Add the installation service from the list below to your cart along with your chosen hard drive.

We can also clone your existing hard drive onto the new one, simply add the Clone Original Hard Drive service below to your cart. Once you have booked the service, send your machine to us, we will carry out the work and return it to you. Alternatively, we do offer a Collection Service with our courier, please see here for details. If drive is a replacement then simply remove all cables and screws from the existing drive, and replace the unit.

If installing as a second drive then change the jumper setting to slave, and add the drive above the existing hard drive. If you are unsure call or email our team. You also have three 33MHz PCI slots, which can take a second graphics card - however the AGP socket is superior and should be used for the primary graphics card. High-end graphics cards are useful for 3D applications and games - also a lot of the effects within OSX use the graphics card, so upgrading the card will make your OSX desktop smoother and nicer to look at.

Open side door and locate the brown AGP socket. Remove holding screw and remove the original card. With the use of PCI expansion cards, you can update your machine to use current spec connectivity types. Please note that some cards have an operating system version requirement - see the notes in the table below for any that apply to this machine.

Remove the holding screw and remove the blanking plate. Fit the new card and secure with the screw. Listed below are power supplies, batteries and related products we supply for this Mac. Any complete machines of this type or similar that we have for sale are listed here.

Guide to CPU Upgrades for AGP G4 Power Macs

Please note that these are refurbished models with a 3 month warranty, and that delivery is likely to take 3 - 5 working days. These can be purchased online with the standard website courier delivery charge for the mainland UK only. Please contact us for a quote on shipping to other areas.

Here are the various repair services we offer for this Mac.