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Share in the comments section below. Facebook Messenger not loading on your Apple Watch? Try this… Anthony Bouchard on April 8, Those steps include: Rebooting the Apple Watch and iPhone to re-initiate the two-way connection and software Uninstalling and reinstalling the Facebook Messenger app from both the iPhone and Apple Watch Toggling Bluetooth off and on again to reset the wireless connection between your devices Check to make sure iOS, watchOS , and the Facebook Messenger app are up-to-date What fixed the problem for me was following these steps: Hover to expand Click to expand December 6, Version: Apple Inc.

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Link download: Store App Platform: Intel only Language: In this update: New technologies used in the operating system, make the Mac more reliable, functional and fast. Now he is ready for future innovations. In addition, the macOS High Sierra has improved features and applications that you use every day. It's out this fall.

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Move mountains with new technologies. Today, Mac is a new storage architecture, improved video viewing capabilities, full access to the resources of powerful graphics processors.

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And not only. Apple file system. New top-management data. Everything that's so important to you is perceived by the Mac as data. And the file system is responsible for organizing this data in the form of files and folders and gives you access to them. Our previous file system was developed for the early Mac models and perfectly coped with their tasks. But the modern Mac works on the basis of flash drives, and this opens up great opportunities for innovation.

Therefore, it's time to lay the foundation for the future. In macOS High Sierra, we are introducing for the first time on Mac the Apple file system with an improved architecture that provides a new level of security and speed. The new video standard. Therefore, video files in HEVC format are transmitted faster and take up less space without sacrificing quality.

Prev 1 2 3 Next. Hi everyone, Today I had to change my Battle. The problem is that I couldn't get past the "Sign In" button because the game was stuck loading. Things I've tried: If I click "I'm New" it loads normally and I can do the beginners tutorial but it's not what I want, I want to login with my account!

How can I fix this? Mar 2 1. Please, I still need help with this.

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I'm trying all the possible things I can find but it doesn't help. Not really liking this, but trying to give this post more attention. I'm experiencing the same thing on iPhone 7, up-to-date iOS using authenticator.

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This requires a fix ASAP! Mar 7 1. We are encountering the same issue on an ipad with a newly created account. Cannot get past the login screen, it just reloads the login screen when correct password is put in.

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Tried on an android device and it works fine, so the issue is related to the browser used during login. Same issue here on an iPad with latest iOS.

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On Android phone the works without issues. The only thing I could guess is there is a firewall or connectivity issue blocking the connection. Since this is a mobile device, I'd recommend changing locations and trying to connect through a different network.

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Unfortunately I can't verify, as my iPad only has 16 gig, and with only about 3 free I keep getting a not enough storage error. Can only free up to about 5 gig total if I wipe all non-critical things off since iTunes did that stupid change of not storing apps on the PC and syncing. Mar 19 2.