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While that may or may not be true, it has my favorite Aqua-inspired wallpaper. Complete with a revised, unified user interface and shiny new Dock, This starscape is still one of my favorites. Lion kept up the space theme, this time showing off the Andromeda galaxy.

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The space nerd in me likes the idea, but the execution of this one leaves dead-last on my list of favorites. Just like Snow Leopard before it, with Mountain Lion, Apple opted to clean up and revise the existing theme as opposed to changing directions for what would be a less-impactful release of OS X. The wave depicted looks as intimidating as the ones in the famous surfing location.

Yosemite brought another UI refresh to the Mac, making things flatter and more modern. The wallpaper ushered in a new era based on … well … mountains. No more mountains!

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Mojave brought a new system-wide Dark Mode, and the OS shipped with two versions of its default wallpaper to match. Users could even have macOS slowly fade between the two background images over the course of the day.

Free Mac Wallpapers Download

Here are all of them together. Roll tab — Once you have selected a bunch of wallpaper categoriesand added to the Roll, you can set the app to start rotating them every 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes, every day or every time you wake your Mac from sleep. If you have multiple displays, it can be set to either display the same wallpaper on both displays or pick a different one for each.

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Live Wallpaper is a customizable wallpaper app with loads of official themes that keep increasing as the user community adds more. Each theme has a unique layout, clock, text, and weather forecast. The app also includes highlight features such as edit mode and multiple monitor support.

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You can change the position of the time, clock, or text to any position. And if you use multiple monitors, you can choose to display different themes for each display. Sure, live wallpapers can provide some pleasing eye-candy, but do them eat up battery? Yes, they do.

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Still, they definitely have unique features that deserve a mention. Irvue is a simple free app that lives in your menu bar at the top which allows you to adjust the settings which you can set to change at intervals of your choosing. It even allows you to download the images. Wallcat is another lovely menubar app for Mac that automatically delivers a new wallpaper for your desktop.

Set Live Wallpapers & Animated Desktop Backgrounds in MAC OS - VLC VERSION

It offers curated streams of wallpapers that may or may not be from Unsplash. Better yet, you get to tell your therapist that, yes, you really are being spied upon by an eye in the sky.