Add second hard drive to mac mini 2014

Before that, however, we shut down the Mac mini, unplug the power plug and other cables and place the Mac Mini on a soft surface e. I bought the following linked mini screwdriver set.

Apple Mac Mini (Late 2014) HDD replacement

So I have all screwdrivers, incl. TR6 SafetyTorx and plastic-spudger, ready.

Data migration

Basically, it is recommended to wear an antistatic wrist strap when working within reach of electronic components. This protects against electrostatic charge and prevents possible damage to the Mac Mini. The bracelet is striped over the arm and has a cable with a crocodile clip, which is simply clamped to the radiator. Corresponding bracelets are already available for a few Euros e.

Upgrading Mac Mini (2014-2017): Installing an SSD

Rosewill Anti Static Wrist Strap. Replacing the existing hard disk with a fast SSD is the easiest way. The following video instructions show and explain in detail the individual steps involved in installing an SSD:.

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It is possible that the boot process after a new installation is not yet noticeably faster. This is because Spotlight has to rebuild the index completely, which can take quite a long time.

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Should there still be any problems e. This article was helpful for you?

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Please support Datenreise. Rate this Post: By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website Privacy Policy. Installing an SSD. Upgrading Mac Mini Installing an SSD Updated: Select language: Difficulty level: Clone hard disk to SSD Option 2: Despite superior performance, high prices led Apple to slowly stagger solid state drive adoption across individual Mac product lines. Nine years later, dramatically faster and smaller SSDs with the same capacities can be had for less than a tenth of those prices, so every current Mac either has an SSD by default or as an option.

Running cooler, quieter, and with superior energy efficiency than traditional hard drives, SSDs have fewer failures, and reputable manufacturers tend to warranty them for longer than their predecessors.

Mac Mini installing second hard drive SSD - Apple Community

Not all SSDs are equivalent in reliability and performance, but ones from top-tier chip companies are pretty incredible. Good news first: Hard drive replacement is generally the best option. Bad news: I strongly recommend updating your Mac to the latest non-beta version of macOS it can run before beginning the backup process. Then restore directly from your Time Machine backup.

OWC Upgrades for Mac mini

This will give you a completely fresh start, though your emails, app settings, and other files will need to be separately hunted down and brought over from your other hard drive. For users with plans to swap an optical drive for an SSD, keeping the SSD as a non-boot drive, nothing needs to be done to prep software beforehand. However, if you plan to make the SSD your boot drive, follow the instructions above so you can enjoy the speed benefits of running macOS directly from the SSD.

One brief note on TRIM, a topic that was a bigger deal when I originally wrote SSD guides; read about it and third-party software in greater depth here.

Compatible SSDs – Mac mini (2014 – 2017)

The guides omit only one step: Thankfully, earlier Mac minis are easier to open, requiring only a putty knife , Phillips 00 Screwdriver , and spudger. The same sort of 2.

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Aluminum-bodied inch MacBooks of or earlier vintage not current inch models and MacBook Pros sold in or earlier can be upgraded with 2. You just unscrew and remove the bottom cover of your MacBook, pull out the hard drive, replace it with the SSD, then reattach the bottom cover. The original inch Retina MacBook Pro requires quite a few additional steps; Apple significantly simplified the SSD replacement process for subsequent-generation inch machines, bringing them to parity with the inch model and MacBook Airs.

How easy is installation? Except for the older first- and second-generation MacBook Airs, the process is incredibly simple: