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On youtube I have been unable to discover how to work with text. Using the editing button and the music video title is very limiting, either right or left and short sentences. Any suggestions? Any ideas? I loved this version so much! Almost as much as I hate the newer versions. I had all but given up on video editing. This download was perfect and I am excited to jump into all the home movies that have been sitting untouched for the past two years. Sad if that connection is lost now.

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I made the mistake of updating when a few errors started reoccurring in my old HD software. Without your link, I would have lost 7 months of hard work. I really wish there was something out there that is free, similar to this software, and runs with little error. Anyways, thank you. Get a sufficiently large external hard drive to exceed what you have already filled on your internal drive and use Carbon Copy Cloner to make a bootable copy of your entire hard drive.

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Then, when you want to work in iMovie, boot up with the external drive. Also, if you find you have lost the sounds in iLife Sound Effects, in the Audio pane of your iMHD6, you can still find them on your hard drive and drag that folder to your desktop, from where you can select the sound effect you want and drag it into your movie.

Any ideas, what to do? Thank you for posting this. Importing an mp4 file gets converted to a dv file. When I force quit iMovie, I can usually find the. Simon Update… When importing large files into iMovie 6, like a file converted from a VHS tape, the system may report that the iMovie application is not responding. Robert — Can I give you a big kiss? Pay you something for your efforts? Sweep your floors? Wanting to transfer my old miniDV tapes to my computer, I just spent four hours trying to import a 3-minute clip into the newest iMovie. The dang thing kept chopping up everything into individual clips and placing them out of sequence in the Events window, just to make it even more confusing and difficult.

Thanks for nothing, Apple. Based on things I had read elsewhere, I was expecting to have to hack something in order to get it to run, if it would run at all.

I held my breath and launched it. When I saw that old familiar opening splash screen pop up, I just about cried.

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I jumped out of my chair and fist pumped. Dave LOL. Happy New Year, everyone! Not surprised to find lots of other users who love imovie HD and hate the more recent versions. Any good tips out there? Thanks Robert for keeping the flame alive. I still have not found a better editor — just got to sort the exports!

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If you are wanting to take your movies from the old iMac to a newer model, you could share them back to your video camera, from which you load them onto the new iMac. Preferably you want to share back with a miniDV, or tape format cam, which should make your new video lossless. EJ : Hey folks, it has been months now with no reply to me asking for help ?? Would appreciate some tutoring. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!! I despise all the later iMOvies. They have no finesse. I had to hang on to my old computer just to run iMovie 6. If you have an old photo shop that will work I will be forever in your debt.

Forest EJ, I agree with Forest. Still sounds kind of painful though. I am trying to figure out how to do one simple thing. I want to be able to put my lyrics on a black screen in sync with my songs. When I try the text is limited to just titles with a small window for seeing them. I see videos all the time with text all over yhe screen in different fonts and points. Can this be done with iMovie? Something more complex would likely require software like Final Cut Pro.

Robert, Please. Just need a little help on how to put full screen text my lyrics on a black screen to put on youtube. And thank you yet again.

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  • That was on January 12th. Forest I found that post and some others that were awaiting approval.

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    Forest See for my basics. I mis wrote about youtube but meant imovie. Seeking the most simple presentation of my music and lyrics. Music plays from embedded mp3 and words are on the screen duuration of each song part verse, bridge, chorus 10 years ago I made a youtube vid with imovie 2. OK, that YouTube reference kinda threw me off your intentions.

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    It is quite easy really. Play with those by adding some text into the box which appears when you click on one of the 4 scroll options, to see which suits you — then — with text in the box, click on the scroll option you like in order to see it play on the movie screen. Now, the tricky part will be to time your scrolling words with the playing of the music. You can vary the speed and duration of the scroll and also select what font and size you need for the text.

    You can make it like the Stars Wars opening scene, where the text scrolls off into the distance if you want. It might be better to use small blocks of video with text added, as you go, rather than one big video clip containing all of the text.

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    Making use of the timeline, based on 30 frames of video per second, which runs along the bottom of the movie window, you can time how long a lyric section lasts and then very precisely time the scrolling words to the music by using the speed and duration sliders in the editing pane. Forest Thanks a lot. Somehow I am not communicating my simple desire well enough or iMovie is not used on youtube and some other program or application is used?