Reformat mac os x hard drive

It lets you download any version of the OS X via the Internet. Otherwise, you might find yourself in an urgent need of help with writing papers if your current assignment has been damaged, especially when the deadline is looming. In some cases, the Recovery HD may be locked.

Follow our detailed instruction to let all the processes go smoothly and without any extra hustle. MacProCleaner November 16, 0 Comment. You have been warned! Still looking for additional storage?

Which format to choose?

Check out the best external hard drives for Mac to add more space easily. Read More.

MAC: How To Install OS X After Formatting Your Hard Drive - Factory Reset / Fresh Reinstall OSX

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  • Step 1: Back up your Mac.
  • Your phone is powerful, but it’s not a Mac.
  • How to Reformat an External Hard Drive for MAC?.
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  • Format an External Hard Drive or USB Flash Drive for Mac OS X.

Previous 1 of 4 Next: Reformat your hard drive. How to back up and restore your Mac with Time Machine How to clone your Mac Step 2: Sign out of everything The software you have on your Mac is licensed to you, which means it doesn't get transferred to the new owner of your computer except the operating system. How to sign out of iTunes Open iTunes on your Mac.

Click Account in the Menu bar on the left side of your screen. Click on Sign Out. How to sign out of iMessage Open Messages on your Mac. Click Messages in the Menu bar at the top left corner of your screen.

How to erase a disk

Click Preferences from the drop-down menu. Select your iMessage account. How to sign out of iCloud Click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your Mac's screen. Click System Preferences from the drop-down menu. Click on iCloud. Un-tick the box for Find My Mac.


How to reset your Mac before selling it

Enter your system password when prompted. Click Remove data from this Mac when prompted. Step 3: Reformat your hard drive Once your data is backed up and you've signed out of everything that might connect your old Mac to your personal information, you can erase everything on it by reformatting the hard drive. Restart your Mac. You're Mac will boot into macOS Recover. Select Disk Utility. Click on Continue. Click on View.

  • If you never upgraded to macOS Sierra 10.12.4 or later;
  • How to Format an External Drive for Mac Compatibility.
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  • winx dvd ripper platinum mac!
  • come aggiornare flash player per mac.

Click on Show all Devices. Click on Erase from the buttons at the top of the Disk Utility window. Enter a name for the file to be destroyed Like Macintosh HD or something. See Troubleshooting for more information on which format to select. Click Erase. Previous 3 of 4 Next: Troubleshooting.

Macbook or IMac running slow? It may by time for a Format -

Step 4: Reinstall a clean Mac operating system After you reformat your hard drive it will be ready for a clean installation of the operating system. Select your hard drive "Apple SSD" or something similar , when asked to select your disk. Make sure you don't close the lid on a MacBook or put your Mac to sleep during this reinstallation period, even if it takes a while.

If the computer goes to sleep, it will stop the installation process from continuing and you'll have to start over.